Use of Power Generators in Telecom

Generators are used to guarantee your Telecom cum equipment room cum server room continual functionality during a long power outage. A flawless transition from mains to standby generator because it enables your critical applications run without Interruption as long as needed for mains power to be restored. The purpose of a power backup generator is to provide power for a sufficient period of time in the absence of main power failure or at some site which are running on solar system or on dual generator concept. Here we assume that the generator is refuelled from time to time in the event of a long term outage. If company demands high availability for IT systems mean non-interruptive power supply, one thing to remember is that you should have refuelling and maintenance contracts or teams to ensure generator’s functionality.

Use of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device that is deployed between the mains and any of your communication devices (Like ICT device) to avoid any power fluctuation in your Home/Office Network devices during any power cut or power failure etc. UPS major functionality are ? To continuously provide power to your hardware during mains power supply failure till mains power supply restored ? Clean out noisy power supplies by cutting off moderately small surges.