Door Access Control

We IT People Ltd is providing the best services in door access control to protect your customized areas from unauthorized access or prevent the office/home from unknown person's entrance.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” - James Thurber

In modern times the crime rates are very high, in such scenarios it is very important to protect yourself and your properties like your home, your office, your enterprise etc. To do so, these days door access control systems need to be installed so that an unauthorized person can be stopped from entering your area only recognized persons will be allowed to enter by proving their through various mediums.
Another primary concern of a business owner is who among his employees coming in and who is going from the office, who has spent how much time at work. We IT People Ltd. is offering you to enjoy all these kinds of our services and handle your business well.

We offers:
  • Access via Your Smartphone.
  • Biometrics
  • Key code/Password
  • Using Smart Card
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Use of door access control systems

The basic benefit of using access control systems is that you can manage access of every concerned person and also provide protection to your people, your properties, your assets etc. We IT People Ltd. is providing these solutions based on two categories and these are logical and physical access control. You can also use the integrated service as well, if you need such a system where you will protect the door in a physical medium and prevent the access of your terminals using logical approach.
We are providing solutions that may suit the needs of different organizations from small scale to large scale and private sector to public sector(government) schools, colleges and universities. Whether your needs are very much limited or unlimited, we are always ready to support you.

physical access control

This kind of strategy is used to secure your physical resources like access to your office, your building etc. To control the access in physical mediums, a number of mechanisms are there. Most commonly used techniques consist of smart card systems. In this every employee uses a smart card to enter premises, that card is recognised by the recognising device and allowed to enter. Similarly another option is keycode/password, in this scenario, a keypad is provided before entrance, you have to enter the keycode/password to enter inside if your entered code matches then you will be allowed. Another option is biometric, in this category your fingerprint or retina of your eye is taken and matched to ensure entrance of authorized persons. Last but not the least wearable are used to ensure the access of authorized persons these wearables may be your smart phone, your tablet, your smartwatch or smart glasses.



logical access control system

This strategy is used to prevent your hardware from unauthorized access and also to ensure the level of access for example the administrator will access all the data and the employee of a department should access the data of another department. By this you can easily control the access over your organization's computer terminals, network, software and database.