wifi/Wireless solutions

We IT People is providing the dedicated and high performance Wifi/Wireless solutions to our customers.

Wifi is the umbilical cord of modern world." - Kammpan Sharma

Wifi/Wireless network solutions are becoming very crucial every organization to provide high speed internet connectivity. This is the effective medium to share the information, however it is an email, documents, applications etc. Employees of your organization can access the internet even while roaming within the office.
We IT People Ltd is providing the best Wifi/Wireless network solutions. We are having the different package that may suites your business needs. however, you are running a small sized or medium sized organization. skillful teams are dedicated to complete their project without feeling exhausted.

We offers:
  • Cost Effective
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Coverage
  • Reliable
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our customization

We are providing the best service to configure access point, configure the network for remote location. We IT People Ltd. understand that every organization as per business needs requires WiFi-wireless services in their working environment Their needs may change company to company. But in the common evaluation, it is found that there are basic point where WiFi services highly matters. In variuos researches it has been stated that organizations offering the WiFi access have observed the growth in sales. Their customers seems fully satisfied with company's services. To do so that company must configure their network that how much data or access should be provided to whom and for how long. They also need to analyze the use of every user for more customization and better experience. On these basis, we are offering our services:

Connecting Guests

Here we will decide our policy, how the guests of our organization will access the WiFi in with flexible accessing options. We also ensure that if a visitor is visiting again then the configured device should automatically connect with our network. We will provide him better experience.

Network Configuration

We will bring a policy to control all the activities over the network. Here, you can configure internet access for every user. You can apply the constraints on them. You will also be able control the bandwidth of every user.

Analyze of customers

We will provide you an environment in which you will be allowed to know customer's browsing, with this you can analyze the customer's needs that will let you know which customer's required product and you can send messages to them accordingly. This will definatly support you to increase your sales.