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We IT People is providing the best services in the field of VoIP for your business requirements.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best technology that let you make the phone calls over an internet connection instead of copper wired telephone connection. As the broadband services are growing, high demand of VoIP can be observed from customers. This provides the cost saving for phone calls as compare to traditional copper wired telephone systems.
We IT People Ltd is providing the VoIP services for your business needs. We also take care of your budget, we are offering the value for money packs.

We offers:
  • HD Calling Quality
  • Mobile/Desktop Support
  • Call Security
  • Call Recording
  • Call Flip option
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more about voIP

VoIP is a strategy to make and receive the phone calls over the internet. It is considered by people as the replacement of traditional telephone system. VoIP is not a completely new system, you may have earlier awareness of Internet Protocol Address, VoIP is using the internet and telephone system even start using even the late 90s. As we all know that internet is capable to send the data anywhere in world even less than seconds in the time. It also let you make the calls to users of other provider.
When you want to make a call your phone connects to your switch or router. After dialing a number your phone send request to service provider to connect a call. Then service provider connects the call and start the exchange of the data packets and your phone convert these data packets into audible sounds.

our managed voIP services

We IT People Ltd. is offering you the best quality of the service that may help to handle business your phone calls in a systematic way. We understand that every organization needs a reliable VoIP service as per its own requirements. We are offering a bundle of services that may suites your business needs and your budget as well.

Connecting Guests

Here we will decide our policy, how the guests of our organization will access the WiFi in with flexible accessing options. We also ensure that if a visitor is visiting again then the configured device should automatically connect with our network. We will provide him better experience.

Network Configuration

We will bring a policy to control all the activities over the network. Here, you can configure internet access for every user. You can apply the constraints on them. You will also be able control the bandwidth of every user.

Analyze of customers

We will provide you an environment in which you will be allowed to know customer's browsing, with this you can analyze the customer's needs that will let you know which customer's required product and you can send messages to them accordingly. This will definitely support you to increase your sales.