Surveillance Solutions

We IT People Ltd. is providing the best services to its customers with innovative and smart surveillance-solutions.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” - James Thurber

Nowadays, Security is becoming a vital need of the time. However, you are running a business organization, government or public sector office or you are in your residential society. If you are ignoring this primary concern, then you are making a big mistake that may take you in deeply regression or intolerable loss.
We IT People Ltd. is providing you with powerful security tools that will make your managing & monitoring system not only better but also advance. We will provide the whole infrastructure with a digital system enabled. It may consist of cables, switches and the data storage mediums instead of traditional analog CCTV systems to make your surveillance experience better.

We offers:
  • Facial Recognition
  • Video Analytics
  • Parking Management
  • Multi-Location
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face recognition services

Just keeping the CCTV footage in your record is the story of older times, nowadays technology is providing you a better experience of surveillance. Facial recognition is the new advancement or update in video CCTV surveillance. In the modern era, this is most needed to protect your surroundings, however its your home, government representing office/agency, private properties, shopping malls, retail stores, transportation, hotels etc.
We IT People Ltd. is providing such systems which are capable of recognizing the face of people. Our Systems are not just focused to recognize the face and also analyze and track the person. You can have a better security system without increasing the security personnels.

Video Analytics

Our Security systems will support you to not only watch CCTV footage but also provide smart features for detection and alerts to you about suspects. It will increase the level of security. In investigations, it will allow the security team to analyze the video for hours in just minutes, regularly pointing the people. It will never let you miss any detail.


Other benefits of our services

There are a number of features of our surveillance-solutions that let you enjoy the following benefits.

  • Single platform to monitor multiple sites.
  • Multi Display support.
  • Strong support for investigations.
  • Smooth integration with other devices.

  • prevent the unauthorized entry.
  • Real-time Data Availability.
  • Accessibility through TV/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet .
  • SImprove Customer Trust.