network audit

A network audit is an evaluation of an existing network redundancy during the unforeseen circumstances including hardware, configuration, architecture and security. Regular Network security audits are vital part of any organization network because it helps you identify your weakest point and security risks so you can make changes that will protect your company from those risks.
Technology audits helps any organization to minimize the opex los and to build customer trust by avoiding the point of failure.
We IT People Ltd. having an experienced team to do IT, Telecom and network security audit in your network. A network audit will evaluate your IT and telecom infrastructure and determine if there is any network security risks, technical failure possibilities and subsequently timely action on the key.

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In any running system however for the time it is running smoothly, there is probability of flaws, deficiencies or the loopholes. So this is also applicable to your network infrastructure, there may be some flaws or loopholes in your network which leads to big troubles in future for you. So resolve these issues in earlier stages, for that you must go for an audit of the network.
An audit may consist of all primary aspects IT like security issues, unknown network issues, particular troubles of network, backup procedures, availability of resources and internet access related issues, firewall issues etc. We IT People Ltd will not only support you to find out such single point of failure issues but also fix all of those. We always try to ensure the high quality of service for our customers. While we work, we will start from the small checkups and take this to the peak level investigation, so that you can enjoy the reliable service.

benefits of network audit:
  • IT Infrastructure audit
  • WAN link redundancy audit
  • Server backup audit
  • SW/Application Audit
  • Firewall Audit
  • Endpoint audit
  • Power Infrastructure audit
  • Fiber Infrastructure audit
  • Cooling system audit
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