Managed iT Services

We IT People Ltd. is a futuristic vision company going to be a market leader in the Managed Service platform. The company provides skilled resource in fixed line and wireless networks for the NOC FO / BO, Field maintenance of Data / Transmission / fiber network Operation & Maintenance, Data Center Infra Maintenance and rollout. With WE IT PEOPLE LTD managed services no need to worry for staff head count and expenditure. Our experienced Managed Service team will improve your network uptime ultimately customer satisfaction and will reduce your opex.

Serious business for you could be fun for someone else. Always use professional help." - Hardeep Khanduja

We prefer to use work force management tool with field maintenance support to monitor our field team on the real time basis which result in minimum downtime.
WE IT PEOPLE LTD will introduce the resources who are fully hands-on experienced with operator existing technology platforms as well as capable to adept new technology platforms in future.
With our team previous Managed Services experience for different projects in various countries, WE IT PEOPLE LTD having vast experience to deliver smooth transition plan to customer for handing over & taking over resources, technology platforms & on ground field services. In transition phase we will be following Shadowing and reverse shadowing for smooth transition of teams.

We offers:
  • Network Diagrams
  • Architecture Description
  • Database Configuration
  • Implementation Plan for Infrastructure Improvements
  • Documented Operating Procedures
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Why we need Managed IT Services

Basically the meaning of Managed IT Service is to hand over your IT operation to a third party service provider. That service provider is responsible to ensure the improvements in your IT environment. We admit that every organization's working is unique or we can say differs from one another. By understanding this We IT People Ltd. will always create packages which may be suitable for your business. While the creation of the package we always keep our focus primarily on your business plans and future vision. We IT People Ltd is providing the world's best Software Development globally. Our experts and skillful teams are dedicated to complete their project without feeling exhausted. Our primarily focused services are listed below:

NOC – Network Operation Center

  • NOC FO
  • NOC BO
  • Alarms monitoring GPON, Wireless and timely escalation
  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • 24X7hrs Support
  • 2nd Level Support
  • Change Request CR implementation
  • Site Access Management

Field Maintenance

  • Field Maintenance Services (FLM)
  • Fiber Maintenance Services (FOC)
  • Electro-Mechanical Infrastructure Maintenance Services
  • Patrolling on Fiber Route, Splicing
  • Emergency Handling
  • Emergency On-Site
  • Software Updates & Patches
  • Health Check and Audit Services

Support Services

  • Hardware software upgrades
  • Rental Management
  • EB Payment Management
  • Diesel Filling Management
  • 3rd Party activity coordination
  • Site Access management
  • Security Services

Service Assurance

  • Mobile Network & Services Assurance
  • Fixed Network & Services Assurance
  • Transport Network & Services Assurance
  • RF Network Design
  • Tools / Processes / Solutions

SPMS System

  • Spares pool Management
  • Spares Replenishment Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Repair & Return coordination
  • 3rd party Vendor Management

How Managed Service will benefit you?

  • Lower operating costs due to reduced internal engineering efforts by Network Operators on the availability issue
  • SLA based services
  • Fixed support costs for easier budgeting
  • Single Point of Contact for all Network Issues 24 x 7 basis
  • In-country engineering expertise
  • Understanding of local network issues

WE IT PEOPLE LTD Value Proposition:

  • Streamlined operational processes and documentation, on-the-job staff training
  • Multi OEM and Multi Operator skill set
  • Knowledge of standards and OEM products leading to a path towards a vision of integrated operations
  • Risk Sharing – KPI & SLA Based Commitments
  • Long standing relations with OEMs at global level
  • Systems and Procedures for Transition / Migration of existing processes
  • During any disaster situation, WE IT PEOPLE LTD can manage in a very smart way.

Our Managed IT Services Include


The basic idea behind the Managed IT Services smooth and consistent service to keep our customers mentally relaxed is that their IT environment is in the safe hands. WeITPeople Ltd. is ensuring that our people who are working in coordination with your enterprise to deliver excellent service and protect your infrastructure in day to day maintenance and help desk support that protects your client and users from experiencing downtime and ensuring to get the best from your IT investment.

IT infrastructure consulting

We describe the primary issues that may be concerned with business and business objectives. We deeply analyze the existing IT infrastructures like its applications, its enterprise system, server and cloud solutions etc. then we decide the relevant technologies you may be beneficial to achieve your business goals. By utilizing our experience, we help you to take the advantages and viability with our Managed IT Services.


IT environment administration

We IT People Ltd is maintaining and managing your data systems, network components and applications.
Our Administrator ensure:

  • User Administration
  • Software Configuration
  • Regular software updates and more.

IT infrastructure monitoring

we are using appropriate monitoring tools to predict and detect issues related to performance of your IT environment. After our collaboration, our administrator regularly monitor all the components of yuor on premises, servers, cloud based environment, virtual machines, applications, data stroage to provide you the regular reports.


Support for helpdesk

We IT People Ltd is is assisting you to manage software which you are providing to your customers. We are handling the software issues like from easy to most complex level. We are providing the help desk support, you nned not to arrange team at your own level. We assure you that we are managing your applications properly and your customers are addressed timely.

We tackle following IT infrastructure components as Managed IT Service:

  • Networks
  • Datacenters
  • Cyber Secuirty Tools
  • Warehouses, Database and Data lakes
  • Cloud Services(IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Websites & Web portals
  • Apps and apps infrastructure
  • Development infrastructure
  • Desktops