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We IT People Ltd. is providing the most effective IT Security services, however you need regular IT support or one time support.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it." - Stephane Nappo

We IT People Ltd. always emphasis to support our customers in managing their cyber risks and to avoid potential violations and restraints, detection and prevention from the attacks, responding to the attacks. With the applications of highly unique approaches, we have a target to embed security and part of your business by ensuring that your data is secure through out its use. In this ultra modern technology era, if you still ignoring the need of IT security then you making a huge mistake. Get in touch with us and secure your business.

We offers:
  • Managed Firewall
  • multi-Factor Authentication
  • Protection against Cyber attacks
  • Security enhancement policies.
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Why IT Security ?

Do you ever imagine that what may more dangerous than being attacked? Answer is being attacked but lack of its awareness that you are under attack. Such attack yields the loss your revenue, loss of your good-will, harm your brand's trust worthiness. To be recovered from impacts can take a long time.
However the large organization can be targeted by the attackers but they target the organization with small business. It is usually found that small organization dont have enough profits or funds to protect their technology. From these kind of organization, they can steal the sensitive data and start misusing it as their own needs and to sell it further.

IT Security Solutions

The best thing that you can do to protect your business's technology and your devices take the support from IT Security that can even based outsourcing or your regular service. We IT People Ltd. provide you the team of security professionals having expertise to handle the issues like network security, cloud security, cyber security etc. We are having the special skill to protect your devices like computers, servers, tablet and mobile from unauthorized access.
We can also help you to find out the loop-holes in your network. After the detection of these, we will also provide our support to sort all of these. We are also providing the support to react with the situations like what to do when you have a threat and how to respond.


Secure your technology with our valuable services

When you don't know that why your system is creating issues for you or when you don't know what the exactly problem is? Then finding the solutions to such troubles can even be frustrating. Don't worry, we are always there to help you. We will take care of your IT so that you can work free from obstacles. Our services are available to you 24X7. We are offering the prime security policies:


multi-Factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security policy which is primarily focused to protect your system or your confidential data from nu-authorized access. Here we are increasing the levels of the access. For example adding something to your login process else than user-id and password. It can either pass-code or passkey, which may be consisting 4 to 8 digit pin or 8 digit character code or one time passwords etc. When all of these access policies will be satisfied then the access will be granted. Making the use of just strong passwords is not enough these days. By using, the Multi-Factor Authentication you will be able to protect your technology from snooping.
Benefits of using Multi-Factor Authentication are:

  • Reduce the risk of online identity theft, fraud, and phishing attacks.
  • Reduce the risk of a hacker or cyber-criminal to access you confidential data.
  • Eliminate the risks of chosen of weak password by your employees.

managed firewall service

We IT People Ltd. deeply understand that threats to emails and browsers are increasing very rapidly. These are programmed very intelligently that never let you know about their presence and where they are taking your data. Our Managed Firewall Services will stop the hackers from getting in.
We IT People Ltd. provide a well managed firewall to protect your technology. If you think that once taking service is enough to protect your system for always then you are wrong, everyday attackers are trying to crack your system. The security policy that you have implemented in previous month that may even be harmful to use in next month without updates.