Intrusion Alarm

We IT People Ltd. understand that the security of your property and concerned people at your property is very much important. We are offering the best intrusion-alarm services to provide protection and precautions.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” - James Thurber

As mentioned above, security is the most important. We are providing you the best services that may support you with advanced features. Our Systems are user friendly, meaning easy to use with smooth functioning. Our devices let you feel the smart intrusion detection. This will provide the facility to eliminate false triggering.

We offers:
  • Wired Intrusion Alarm
  • Wireless Intrusion Alarm
  • Unmonitored Alarm
  • Monitored Alarm
  • Dummy Intrusion Alarm
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Understanding the wired and wireless intrusion-alarm

Whether to choose the wired or the wireless security system, it will always depend upon your needs. You can't directly accept or reject any intrusion detection system out of these two alternatives. Wired systems have an advantage of reliability factor while the wireless system can offer a more smooth installation and can be placed with ease where wired system installation is not feasible. Sometimes, there may be a hybrid approach, in which a home based wireless system may be connected to its control panel via wireless mediums like radio frequencies while can be connected to the outside world with wired line telephone systems.
These can even offer the pure wired and wireless services, if you take an option of wireless system for your home, then all the units of your security system will be connected to its control panel via wireless mediums and then further will be connected with the outside world via cellular services meaning fully wireless. On the other hand, if you take an option wired security system, then security units of your system will be connected to its control panel via wired medium and then the control panel will be connected with the outside world via line based telephone systems.

Understanding the monitored and unmonitored intrusion-alarm

These systems can be both wired and wireless. An unmonitored system usually starts the siren or any other noisy device to alert the concerned persons about the detection of any intrusion in the security system. But this idea is not so good for the residential area and for remote areas.
On the other hand, a monitored system can overcome this disadvantage, the alarm is connected to the third party and it sends an alarm and alert signal to the monitoring party. Nowadays these can even be connected to your smart phones. But this is an expensive solution as it always requires 24X7 monitoring service.


dummy intrusion-alarm

These are inexpensive security tools but they only serve as a kind of harassment. There is a lot to be discussed whether it is possible to stop a thief from entering your property with the help of such dummy alarms. if a professional thief is ever misled into taking it to a professional security system but it sometimes works.