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We IT People Ltd. is providing the reliable firewall support solutions, however you need regular IT support or one time support.

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If you are running a business which uses the network and that network is also connected to the internet then you must always need a lot of safety precautions. Firewall is the one of most terminology which is required to prevent your network unknown users from accessing your network resources. Firewall is not only preventing unauthorized access to your network but also restricts access to certain sites means you can block the access to some websites for your employees.
Firewall has some protocols. By following those protocols it decides which outside user can be allowed to access the network of your organization. It also imposes the constraints on the access on protected data, always monitors the data packets over the network and blocks those that do not fulfil the security criteria concerns.

We offers:
  • FireWall Selection
  • Installation
  • FireWall Monitoring
  • FireWall Management
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proper support for firewall management

We IT People Ltd. has a team of experts in networking solutions . Our experts are able to configure the firewall of all most common firewall designing companies like Cisco, Netgear, Fortigate, Gate protect, Palo Alto etc. We provide the support of firewall service between the internet and your own network. Our service can protect your network from both internal as well as external attacks. Our service will also ensure to prevent networks from unauthorized access.
Our services also take care of any virus, worm, malware, trojan etc that these such risks should not harm your working environment.