Backup & Disaster Recovery

We IT People Ltd. is always ready to deal with critical situation like lost or damage of your important data.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data." - Daniel Keys Moran

As the value and importance will increase you must get ready to protect it, care of that data is more vital than ever. Your important data always remains under the various threats like natural diasters, hardware failure, human error or ransomware attacks. Just think what will happen if an earthquake, fire, flood or hurricane destroy office or server? How you will the handle situation in case of theft? To tackle situations like this, you have to go for backup & disaster recovery assistance.
We IT People Ltd is providing the best backup and disaster recovery solutions. We are not only protecting your data from loss but also providing the support against Downtime.

We offers:
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Achieves
  • Security
  • Off-site Backup
  • Regular Monitoring
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Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

Backup & Disaster Recovery is the combinational approach where it consists data backup and disaster recovery solutions.This is the solution that ensures the seamless business continuity of your organization and these can be declared effective only, if they meet your business needs.
As We IT People Ltd is the leading backup & disaster recovery company in Canada, we are providing the different plan that may suites to your business needs as well as your budget. We are using the hybrid technique to protect your data, we are storing data in locals and off-site storage. By this we will be able to provide you, your data in very short time, after any disaster event happen. We have designed a cloud service that automatically takes the copy of your files to keep these secure at our data center. your data will always be accessible and after the happening of any event can be restored quickly.

benefits of our solution

maximum benefits with minimum budget

  • In our collaboration you are not in the need to purchase storage hardware.
  • Protection of your data with off-site backup.
  • We are offering the cost effective plan. Pay as you go!
  • No extra charges for maintenance & monitoring.

Fast recovery & flexible backup

  • We are able to provide you the full backup even less than an hour.
  • Full cloning of server and desktops.
  • We are providing the regular report of performance.
  • We are providing the notification on backup status.
  • We have applied the data compression to reduce backup transmission time.

seamless working even after a disaster

  • We are maintaining the full duplicate copies of server and desktops on site and off site.
  • Restoring the data of server and desktops even less than an hour.

Protection against regulatory suits and demands

  • Policies of data retaining based on industry requirements.
  • Full documentation and testing of disaster recovery and business continuity plan ON-SITE.