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Cloud Migration is an activity of moving business activities from your one location to cloud. In simple words, this is just like physical move except it involves the movement of data, applications and IT processes from one data center to another. As in physical move from small office to large office, cloud migration also requires a lot of preparations to and advance work. However, it seems a quite difficult task but it results greater flexibility and cost saving. Cloud migration term can also be used to express the condition of moving one cloud to another.
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Cloud Migration & Cloud models

Cloud Migration Strategy during the planning of cloud based services or planning for the migration of existing in-house system into the cloud, main point of concern which we need to be addressed on top priority is the cost, sensitivity and criticality of data. Cloud migration commonly refers to shifting important data from existing infrastructure to the cloud. Before starting the cloud migration shifting process you should make a plan and don’t forget to check the pros and cons of cloud migration.
Cloud computing becomes everyday part of life in either way like email, banking, E-commerce, smartphones etc. Below are the types of cloud computing.

  • SaaS (software as a service)
  • PaaS (platform as a service)
  • IaaS (infrastructure as service)

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is the most commonly used form of cloud deployment over the internet and you are sharing the same network, server and storage with other organization whosoever like you availing the services, you can pay and use the services using the web browser and no need to worry for the capex and opex of server system. Some of the example are Microsoft azure, Amazon web services, IBM Cloud platform and google cloud platform.


Private Cloud

In private could as the name is self-explanatory that in private cloud the available services in the internet or intranet is for the nominated users only instead of general user not like the public cloud where the services are used by so many organizations. Private cloud came into existence in scenario where you can’t share the resource due to criticality or security of data in the public. The main disadvantage of private cloud is the cost factor as the whole cost of Capex and Opex is under your organization only.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the association of public cloud and private cloud which gives you the benefits of both the services. On hybrid cloud you can keep your most critical data on the private cloud and any other information you can keep on public cloud. Best example is like you can make set up of your website on a public cloud for market leads, and could deploy database in private cloud to secure the data.

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Community Cloud

Community cloud computing as the name is self-explanatory it refers to a shared cloud computing service environment that is designed to a limited set of community, organizations or employees like banks etc. A community cloud is a multi-tenant platform which allows several companies work on the same platform, as long as they have similar essentials and apprehensions.

All of these cloud deployment techniques come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Henceforward, it is vital to identify the usage and requirements of the organization before deploying any of these cloud deployment techniques.