Attendance Record Solutions

We IT People Ltd is providing the best services to keep the perfect record of your employees when they come for work in the office and when they leave. We are providing IT based Attendance Solutions..

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Keeping the record of your employees in the manual registers is now an outdated idea. By following this, you were in the need to keep a lot of things in your consideration like how many leaves left of every single employee and how many employees have already taken leaves from quota and who is on leave today? Replacing your traditional system with a new Information Technology based system not only reducing your efforts and resources but also saving the time.
We IT People Ltd is providing the solutions for the maintenance of the attendance record and its related activities. We also take care of your budget, we are offering the value for money solutions.

We offers:
  • Finger Print Sensor
  • Face Recognition
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finger print sensor based

We IT People Ltd. is providing a number of attendance solution devices according to the different business needs. We are offering the very basic idea of taking the fingerprint sensor based biometric attendance solutions. These category based machines are capable of taking the attendance of your employees digitally instead of manual record keeping. In these devices, your employees can register their single finger entry or multiple finger entry to tackle the situation of injuries or any emergency.
These kinds of devices are available both with online and offline working modes. By choosing the offline mode device you have downloaded from your device to computer/laptop via usb drives or using data cables. On the other hand, after choosing the online mode device you can check any time record of your employees. As the employee will punch his/her entry that will be stored in your database automatically and you can access it any time. The necessary condition of the fulfillment of this feature, you to ensure an internet connection for the attendance machine.


touch less face recognition solution

It is known to everyone that in the time of Covid-19, guidelines of WHO clearly described that social distance was must and we all were advised not to touch any surface, in such conditions taking the attendance of employees on fingerprint based biometric machines were not allowed to use.
In these situations, it was very troublesome how to take the attendance of the employees. The solution to this trouble was the face recognition mechanism, in which you are not required to any part of your body with the device. You will have to just look at the sensor of the device, it will detect your face and mark your attendance if matched with earlier recorded entries in the database. For implementing the high security, it uses the retina of your eye as its primary parameter.

Benefits of using digital attendance solutions

  • Faster and reliable your keeping.
  • Centralized data storage minimizes the risk of tempering.
  • Eliminate the risk of proxy punching.
  • Availability of data free from error for payroll and other calculations.
  • Real time availability of the data like live attendance tracking.
  • Using a digital attendance solution is reducing your number of overheads.